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I'm a 27-year old makeup enthusiast who hated cosmetics almost all my life, until one fine day I accidentally clicked on a YouTube video of  itsjudytime and watched her video about some makeup haul. I got hooked instantly!

I love hauls, reviews, and what's new at the drugstore blog posts. It's so much fun watching Youtube makeup gurus and Professional Makeup Artists blog about what they do. As for myself, I am just a simple aspiring beauty blogger, a graphic artist, abstract and multi-media painter, low profile poet, book junkie, and self-acclaimed  neat freak.

I studied Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising ...yes..yes...all that glamorous artistry and all! It's hard work, a lot of dedication, and practice. Who makes a perfect circle everytime anyway?? Maybe it's the artist in me that got caught with the glitz and glamour of the makeup world, by why oh why did it took me SOOOO LONG to appreciate cosmetics? lol. When almost every girl in high school and college spent thousands of hours in the ladies' room retouching and applying tons of makeup, I was out their looking ridiculously gross! I had my fair share of makeup failures. Once I did put some powder on my face and ended up looking like I have a floating head cast in white! Those days are now over. Officially over!


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