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Fashion21 Two-Way Cake with milk moisturizers SPF 35+ review

Hello girls! It's been so long since I sat down to write. I missed writing but my health is my priority, and now that I am in a much better state I can sneak a post or two on my blog. As someone who is plagued by constant allergy attacks, it isn't easy to find makeup products that suites my skin. Some makeups causes my skin to breakout, and have dry patches and allergies. So finding a good makeup base is a must! It all starts with what I put on my face as base, such as primer, foundation, concealer, and powder. The other makeup products like eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, blush on, bronzer, contour powder, highlighter, and mascara does not contribute in my allergy whatsoever.

Above all that, I have an oily face that constantly makes it even harder for me to put on makeup and make it last all day. The average time I look decent with a full face makeup is about 3-4 hours, the rest of the day I look cakey, patchy, and oily. Yuck.

My technique is to blot, and use two-way cake powder foundation rather than just ordinary powders. Even loose powders can't contain the oil on my face. Two-way cakes are the way to go because they offer a much thicker coverage plus helps my makeup lasts a little bit longer. FASHION21's two-way cake easily provides all those and more.

cover photo

Fashion21 two-way cake can be used dry or wet using a sponge. I personally like to use it dry using a powder brush to set my foundation and bake my undereye concealer. The packaging is made out of plastic, compact, and easy to carry around. It is light weight and comes with a separate compartment for the sponge. Bonus points for the mirror too! 

I put the Fashion21 Two-Way Cake with Milk Moisturizers to the test to see if it can compete with the oilyness of my face. I chose to use the one with milk moisturizers because it is mild and gentle, although it is suited for people with dry skin. 

Packaging is a very nice white shade with silver lining. This is my favorite among all four because it looks sleek and classy.

Packaging comes with a high quality round sponge. It is smooth and helps touching up during the day easy to do. I like that it is not flimsy and thin, and has it's own compartment for hygienic purposes.

The two way cake comes with a plastic protector that I tossed (because I tend to lose them anyway). Mirror is a very decent size, and the pan is wide and deep enough with 11 grams of product. I tested the shade number 2, and so far it is the closest match to my skin tone. The powder is not chalky, but not creamy either. It's sort of in between with minimal fallouts using a brush. Using it with a wet sponge gives medium to full coverage all throughout the day, but personally I use it dry as finishing powder to my liquid foundation.

Swatches of the powder foundation from left to right:
Fashion21 two way cake with papaya extract, Fashion21 two way cake with tea tree oil, Fashion21 two way cake, Fashion21 two way cake with milk moisturizers

The shade number 2 of the two way cake with milk moisturizers is the closest to my skintone. I am in the shade NC40 for reference. I use it to top my liquid foundation and for on the go touch ups during the day using only brush. I skip the sponge because it packs up too much powder on my skin, and it doesn't look good combined with oil and sweat. It helps control oil for about 2-3 hours, gives a natural glowing look to my skin, and helps cover up all the acne scars and darkness on the undereye area. Shade number 2 has a yellowish undertone that is suitable for filipina skin. 

This is my face with Revlon liquid foundation + Fashion21 two-way cake with milk moisturizers. Sorry for the angle, I am not good at this! =)

After 3 hours and one blotting period, this is my face trying to look cool but ended up looking dumb. Apparently I suck at finding the right spot to look at the camera. I probably will also suck at vlogging for the same reason. 

Yehey! I found the camera (after 1000000 tries). My face after a long day, total of 7 hours, of raining and humid weather after. I think the powder held up pretty nicely, although there were minimal dry patches around my lips and nose. Nonetheless, the powder was a warrior against my oily face. It hid the pimple scars on my forehead and nose area, and did not aggravate the redness of my face.

What I like about it:
  • SPF 35+
  • no foul smell
  • price is affordable
  • great shades for filipina skintone
  • did not worsen my pimples
  • did not give me allergy
  • did not make me sneeze
  • did not cake after a few touchups

All in all it is a great experience using the Fashion21 two-way cake with milk moisturizers. I think the added ingredient helped my skin not breakout, and that is a nice plus for me. It has paraben in the ingredients but it didn't break me out so all is good. 

Here's the ingredient list:

Fashion21 two-way cake also has three other types:

  Fashion21 two-way cake

  Fashion21 two-way cake with tea tree oil

   Fashion21 two-way cake with papaya extract

Find Fashion21 in all leading drugstores and department stores nationwide. Be sure to check out their two-way cakes where you drop by! 



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