Tuesday, April 28, 2015

REVIEW: Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder Foundation


Price: P299.00
Available in all leading drugstores, department stores, grocery stores, etc.
Gift from Maybelline PH

There's one thing I never liked with powders, they cake. My face never get along well with powders, somehow they end up creasing and cakey and all over the place. Like two same magnet pole end, they repel each other. For two years, there's not even one powder that lasted on me for more than 8 hours WITHOUT retouching. Thanks to the oil on my face, matte powders are a staple makeup product in my makeup bag. 

But having a matte finish is not the end of the story. The powder itself should last longer than most average powders out in the market. And don't forget the price either. Maybelline launched their White Super Fresh powder foundation last January, and I got to test the product firsthand on the day of the event.

Maybelline White Super Fresh powder foundation in 03 Natural


Sleek, clean, and simple. I love the simplicity of the packaging, with it's chic white color, it looks so expensive! It comes with a white sponge that I do not prefer to use just because I tend to remove the first layers of makeup I've already put on when I apply the powder with the sponge. The packaging is quite slim, easy to bring around anytime anywhere.

The packaging without the packaging sleeve.

Maybelline packaging sleeve

Back is made of clear well-made acrylic plastic.

One side of the packaging


Printed on the back of the box packaging sleeve

Printed on the side of the white original box
Available shades are:

1. 02 Nude beige
2. 03 Natural
3. 04 Honey
4. 05 Sand beige

I got to take home 03 Natural

Maybelline The Fresh test 

Maybelline White Super Fresh vs Clear Smooth all-in-one

Sprayed 10x on both powders

maybelline clear smooth all-in-one cake powder does not absorb water

maybelline white super fresh powder foundation absorbed all water sprayed on it

Maybelline The Fresh Test kit demo

The fresh test kit

Brand X vs Maybelline White Super Fresh

Sprayed 15x on Brand X

It is obviously filled with water on top

Maybelline White Super Fresh sprayed with water 15x, all water were absorbed.

Brand X 2nd water test

Brand X sprayed with water 15x

Water wasn't absorbed and stayed on top of the powder

Water made the Brand X powder semi-clayish, first layer of powder mixed with water and turned into a clayish form

Brand X with no water after fresh test

Brand X is super cakey.


I could say that Maybelline did a pretty great job at absorbing water. It can absorb sweat, but oil produced by our faces can be a little different. Maybelline White Super Fresh powder foundation lasted on my face around 3-5 hours without the need to retouch and re-apply. I have oily skin and I blot my face constantly, with Maybelline White Super Fresh I don't feel the heaviness and the powder build-up on my face after blotting and re-applying the powder. It feels like second skin. The powder has light to medium coverage, and can be worn alone (that is if you don't have dark marks and pimple to cover). For just P299.00, you can look matte and fresh all day long! 

Have you tried Maybelline White Super Fresh powder foundation yet?

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