Tuesday, March 3, 2015

REVIEW: LA Splash Lip Couture + swatch

Summer isn't the friendliest weather for makeup lovers. No matter how well we set our makeup, they always slip and slide, they often transfer to our clothes. Not everyone prefer long lasting water-proof makeup for everyday use because it's very hard to take off. But we are talking about summer! The extreme heat is too much to take, and for our makeup to last, we need the most powerful smudge-proof and water-proof makeups out there. I have one for you now.

LA Splash Lip Coutures
Price: P500.00
Bought from: @velvetkissboutique on Instagram (FREE)

It's been a while since I posted a lip product review. Ever since I tried the NYX soft matte lip cream in Ibiza and Tokyo, I developed a romantic relationship with lip stains and lip lacquers. When Miss Liza gave me these lip coutures by LA Splash,  as gifts, I was very certain that I needed to review these for you. It is NYX soft matte lip cream in steroids. 

Inlove with the packaging! Definitely something I will display on my vanity desk. LA Splash lip coutures are packaged in a clear plastic tube with gold twist handle for the doe foot applicator. The applicator is longer, and it bends quite a bit for an easy one swipe across the lips. The tip of the applicator makes it easy for me to draw around the perimeter of my lips.

Swatch in Daylight (L-R) forbidden, hidden desires

Swatch indoor with flourescent light bulb

A hundred percent full on pigmentation. No doubt about that. This is the best lip lacquer I have tried for the past two years.

Slightly smells like expensive nail polishes. It doesn't irritate my sensitive nose at all, and the smell fades away fast. When it dries to matte, it won't leave any kind of odor at all. 

Very matte. It dries quickly so better be precise and wipe away the clumps. With one glide you'll get a moussy texture and them it quickly dries to a matte finish. I suggest you let it dry first before reapplying or else you'll get a patchy and uneven color on your lips. Exfoliate first, and put lip balm before applying. 

After a total of 10hrs and 15minutes on my hand, and tested by rubbing and soaking in water. This is the result.

These makeup is hard to get off withjust  water. I tried to rub it off too with a damp cloth and it only made my lips sore. Get a cotton pad, soak it in an oil based makeup remover and gently swipe the lip couture off. It will leave a stain on your lips.

 Wearing Hidden Desires

I will keep on using these for sure. I even want to purchase more shades. Specifically Rose Garden. I'm inlove with that rosy mauve shade. 

Purchase these awesome lip coutures from velvetkiss boutique on Instagram today! Only P500 and you will never have any hassles with reapplying and lipstick all over your teeth. 


  1. Both colors are gorgeous. Hidden desires presents a little bit of the challenge because of its boldness, but is something I would love to try to see if I can pull it off. Looks like a lovely pop of color on you. :)

  2. Where are those sunglasses from? They are so cute!


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