Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I am a lipstick hoarder, or should I say a drugstore lipstick hoarder. I hate buying luxuriously packaged lipstick with the same formula and finish I can find from a drugstore one. It's like wasting money for something not so special. Honestly, I don't have any high end lipstick, and I don't wanna shell out money for that. I don't have any M.A.C. or YSL or Chanel lipsticks whatsoever, I don't feel "baduy" or uncool, let's admit it, that lipstick you have on your lips is either going to the rim of your cup or be eaten or licked at when you are talking.

Well I ain't going to lick or smack away my P1000+! 

So for another lipstick feature, a first for the month of June, I am featuring REVLON LIP BUTTER IN SORBET .



Instead of buying heaps of cheap lipsticks that apply patchy, uneven, and greasy looking, I am willing to shell out a bit more for a decent drugstore lip product. You can't go wrong with Revlon, I feel they are the best drugstore brand out there, and they keep on coming up with a lot of new cool products.

Revlon's lip butter range is sheer, smooth, and very hydrating to my lips. These Revlon lip butters were first released on 2011, and I haven't tried the other colors, just Sorbet. I picked the brightest pink in the range, because you all know I love pink and I can't control the urge to buy it! Sorbet is a creamy bright cool toned fuchsia with no glitter or shimmer.

I adore the packaging so much. The cap that corresponds to the shade of the lipstick is dead on genius, and also helpful for me to locate the right shade that I want. Additional to that, Sorbet is moisturizing but it lasted for more than three hours on my lips, a pretty decent period of longevity since it is a creme formula.

Revlon Lip Butter in sorbet is a little sheer than the Maybelline Vivid Rose

lip swatch (one swipe)

no scent
very hydrating
lasted for 3-4 hours
good pigmentation
can be worn sheer or opaque
range has a lot of shades available (23)



also available at Revlon counters.


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  1. Wow this colour is so gorgeous!

  2. It's a great color without looking too neon. I simply adore Revlon Lip Butters. <3


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