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Hello! For the past few days I wasn't able to blog much, and now that I have enough time to sit around and type my thoughts away, I am reviewing this Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tar in Annika. Annika is part of OCC's newest collection, the Sci-Fi Lullabies collection that includes six new Lip Tar shades. I am not very familiar with the lip tar collections, but here's a screenshot from Obsessive Compulsive Website.

Described as a pale neutral peach



33 FL oz or 10mL
For a small packaging like this, and the product so pigmented, this will last you almost a lifetime. I rarely use up all before the expiration date because it is too darn pigmented! You only need a tine-tiny bit to cover your entire lip. Plus the squeeze tube makes it easier to squeeze just the right amount. Packaging is small enough for travel, but beware because it might burst when squeezed too much.

Pigmentation / Finish:

I can't blab too much about how pigmented is this. Annika dries up to a matte finish, I suggest you put a lip liner first so it wont bleed when drying. 


I went out to finish my errands for the day at exactly 10:38am, it was a very hot day indeed and I only had minimal makeup. Just powder foundation, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and annika lip tar on my lips. For a couple of hours, it looks flawless and opaque, after I ate I noticed some faded spots that extenuated my lip cracks in the corners of my lips. I didn't reapply to further test the longevity, so for a total of 10hours I had 2 coats of Annika OCC lip tar on my lips, and it was astonishing how at the end of the day it was still on my lips.

Annika on my lips around 8:30PM

So far I am loving this with a little Pretty Boy or MUA luxe lip lacquer blended with it. I love the peachy tone, but it makes me look dead or sick. A little hint of pink will do me wonders.

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