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Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Man, having difficulties blogging because the laptop is still broken. Boo hoo hoo. For the meantime I'm using my iPhone to type and post, but editing pictures is quite a tedious  task so please bear with me. Let's lighten up the mood and talk about what you all came here for.... Makeup.

Maybelline is a very affordable brand I must say. And I love that it performs better than what I have expected two years ago. Maybelline counters in the Philippines does not carry this particular concealer at the moment. They only have one concealer and it's the Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer. I prefer the Fit me concealer and Instant age Rewind concealer but both are unavailable locally. 

I bought this one online. Yes, I like buying online because I get to own makeups from US, UK, Korea, Australia without using my passport. Generally, it's a hassle to purchase something online. First, check if the product is available, and then there's the problem which shade to get, it will probably take you forever to choose, plus there's quite a hassle waiting for the package to come. Yes, it feels Christmas when that time comes, but we also feel happy during our luxurious long trips to the makeup section at SM right? 

I've heard good things about this concealer. Some even insisted it as their holy grail status concealer. So the "need" to test it out was there. And I succumbed to that need and got the shade NEUTRALIZER. Medium was sadly out of stock and I think I prefer that one now that I think of it. Oh well.

Plastic cylindrical container with a round sponge applicator. At first I directly put it on my face, but as it gets wet I felt it contained bacteria. I tried spraying alcohol on it, but that either made my eye cry or the concealer turned watery and patchy upon application. 

Creamy, blends well, dries relatively fast, great for under eye concealing and small pimple bumps on the face.

Hate it. Smells like plastic or some sort. But the smell fades away when it dries. 

6-7hours even more in cold weather. Set it with a transparent powder or your favorite lightweight powder and it will last all day.

Medium. Gets cakey with 3 layers on my dark undereyes, creates fine lines. Stick to one layer and blend well. 

Swatch of the shade Neutralizer

Used the concealer from 9 in the morning until around pass 10 in the evening, forehead and eyelids are oily, used Maybelline White Super Fresh on my face that day. Yes my eyebags are that puffy, yes it's because I have severe allergies. 

Yes, will repurchase. But will buy medium shade instead. :) 

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