Tuesday, May 20, 2014


How on earth will I start a routine for my blog posts when I get sick all the time? I have backlogs for days I can't even count them anymore. I know this is a bit of a rant but it really sucks to be ill. I have to take care of myself yadah yadah .... but the thing is, I really can't control when will I feel sick or not. What do I experience? chest pain, heavy breathing, upper body numbness, cold sweat, excessive sweating coz I don't sweat most of the time, and dizziness. So apparently I cannot type away, not even think straight for a moment. *sigh*

It's a tough battle but who cares anyway, life goes on. I will blog on my own phase and be stress-free. Now let me start my in depth review about Skin 79 BB cream triple function. 

Miss Liza of Velvet Kiss Boutique sent me this BB cream for review. Yes, this is a SPONSORED REVIEW, but of course I review products that are worth trying most of the time, and dismiss anything that will deceive my readers. I do not do reviews just to make you believe that a product is okay when in reality, it sucks.



I adore the pink cylindrical packaging and I think the pump is so cool. It doesn't spill out too many product, it doesn't clog, and I dropped it once and it's still 100% like new. No cracks. 

The packaging is my main concern because there are hundreds of fake BB creams in the market. I will put some blog links below for the articles and reviews I've read about fake products.


 Not liquidy and runny on skin, it's more of a mousse or whipped cream consistency which is what I prefer. It has the staple classic whitening, anti wrinkle and UVA-UVB sun protection (SPF25 PA++) requirements for all BB creams in the market , so you can skip your moisturizer with SPF if you like. It caters to combination to oily skin due to its sebum control ingredients, but it also has tangerine oil, ceraminde3 and osmopur to moisturize the skin.


Dewy and light on the skin, and it doesn't dry easily. I suggest you let it dry before putting setting powder because it will look cakey. Coverage is light to medium, great if you dislike heavy foundation on your skin. Although it may look unattractively greyish on skin, it eventually oxidizes and adapt to your complexion.  For people with yellowish undertone, this is something to think about. You can tweak it a bit by applying a yellowish setting powder but be careful not to over do it. 

so I was looking at the mirror... Oops!

It did cover up most of my dark spots, and under eye discoloration. But with the help of face primer, it didn't hide my large pores near the nose area.

it eventually adapted to my neutral skin tone. No greyish tone.

My ULTRA large pores near my nose under my eye are visible.

Looks okay in dark light too!


Lasts about 4hours on my skin. (note: I have combination skin, I get oily on my T-zone area) You will need to touch up after  3 hours or so if you have oily skin. I noticed that the BB cream faded a bit around my nose and under eye area (which is a bit annoying for people with puffy eyebags). 

After 3 hours, noticeably oily on the T zone. not too much.

with flash, it did show up GREYISH after 3hours. But coverage looks incredible!
Sorry for the untamed semi- curly hair after 3 hours, my hair is straight but it gets a little wavy sometimes. I don't even have any explanation why. 


Great for normal to morena skin tones
Natural satin finish
Doesn't have any pungent smell
Packaging is very classy and high-end looking
Price : P850 not bad for a 40g product (from @velvetkissboutique

Will look cakey if set with powder immediately after application
A normal foundation lasts 5-6hrs, this lasts for 3-4hrs 
Has a greyish brown undertone 

Where to buy: 
Owner: Liza G. Tan
email: velvetkissboutique@yahoo.com


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