Saturday, May 17, 2014

FEATURE: Random Makeup Questions

It seems makeup is a never ending trend. It constantly change every decade or so, but makeup is a staple in everybody's life. Why haven't I jumped into it earlier in my life? I dunno. I even had my brows fixed professionally last March, all my life they were just two bushy and hairy parts of my face that I ignore. Come to think of it, I haven't owned any makeup until age 23. Hah!   

So why now?

Perhaps the best answer I can give you guys is that I changed. I wanted to be more feminine and beautiful in my own way. And seeing such beautiful ladies transform themselves into different looks is amazing.

What type of makeup am I collecting?

Lipsticks. Before, it was palettes. 

Where do I shop for makeup?

Hmmmmm I must say.... everywhere. Everywhere I can get hypoallergenic and paraben free makeups. Usually at the mall or online. I research the prices first and compare and then buy from whichever sells the makeup the cheapest.

screenshot from

It is a constant battle for me to purchase items online. I try to search and search where I can get a certain piece of makeup, who sells them the cheapest, who offers FREE SHIPPING, or coupon codes, or who has them on hand. It takes a lot of time, and apparently I do that every single day. Just to check. I don't have to buy it asap anyway. Anyone else does that? 

Why do I steer away from cheap local makeup?

Ever bilena? Careline? HBC? Bobbie? Fashion21? FS Cosmetics? Nichido?  I have tried those before and they break me out, unfortunately my skin is sensitive due to allergies and I had a hard time finding the right brands for me. I cannot review products and give them a thumbs up for you guys if in reality they were fails. I use lipsticks from Ever Bilena, Nichido powder, Fashion 21 lipsticks, and other eyebrow products. I can use those brands only for my brows and lips, the rest of my face I use hypoallergenic, gluten and paraben free makeup. It's not that I dislike local makeup, but sometimes what works for you may not work for me.

Trust issues?

There are a lot of nice people out there. Sometimes you bump into some seller who has a bad attitude and bad temper, but who wouldn't if you answer 100+ questions of "how much?" or "on hand?" ?! I get them, and I make sure I protect myself from being offended. A lot of times it is hard to trust a seller. A lot of times we judge somebody for a simple answer whether there's a smiling emoticon or none. A lot of times I develop a friendship with different online sellers. They message me if they have a certain product I really wanted prior to uploading their stocks. And I thank those kinds of people who appreciate online friendship. 

Drugstore or high end makeup?

Oh who cares! As long as it works well, and I get more bang for the buck, then all is well. 

haha! Hope you had a fun day today. Thanks for reading this entry. Love yah!



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