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Over the past two years, right when I started blogging, I rarely never took a picture of my eyebrows up close. They were untouched and naturally sparse. I never let anyone groom them, until my 25th birthday. After the brow shaping experience I had from Benefit Cosmetics, I am trying to maintain and learn how to pluck and shape my brows all by myself. And I had a recent love for anything brow product, kits, pencils, automatic brow pencils, waxes, brow gels, and all sorts of things.

With the help of Youtube beauty gurus that I watch religiously, I somewhat had the incling to try different brow products from different brands. I purchased the MUA PRO-BROW ULTIMATE EYEBROW KIT from Makeup Hub a few weeks ago.


My very first brow product was an eyebrow pencil from Ever Bilena. Oh boy I was so terrible at lining and filling in my brows! I have mastered all the wrong techniques of doing my brows, most of the time they look too thick, or too lightly filled in, or uneven. They should look more of sisters than identical twins based on what I heard, but mine looked like childhood enemies. Imagine that.
Ingredients: talc, mica, magnesium stearate, silica, ethylhexyl, palmitate, dimethicone, propylparaben, methylparaben

I still haven't perfected the technique yet but I'm getting there. So for my latest purchased eyebrow product, I am featuring this eyebrow kit which comes in three different brow powders and one transparent wax. The shades from the kit comes in a light strawberry blonde, mid brown, and dark chocolate brown. What's great about this is that you may use the lightest shade for brow highlighting for an instant lift. 

The three shades are all matte, but I am more likely to use only the darkest shade because I find that mid browns or lighter shades emphasizes my sparse brows. The kit also comes with a mini tweezer and double ended brow brush, which is pretty much annoying because they are too tiny and I cannot hold them firmly. So I bring the Marionnaud brow brush with spoolie at one end all the time. 



I say the ELF brow kit with the tinted brow wax works just fine. This fades out easily with tissue, and at the end of the day my brows looks sparse. I think this would suit people with thicker and fuller brows that doesn't need too much filling. Normally I stay away from brow gels, but in this case, I love to partner this kit with a tinted brow gel to make it last all day. 


About 4 hours or so, I noticed a little portion of my brows looking bald, near the outer brow end where I usually unintentionally touch it because I keep on brushing my hair away from my face.


Super nice! Compact and light weight, easy to carry around. 



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