Saturday, May 31, 2014


For 10 years, I only had one lipstick. A MAC lipstick with the old cylindrical packaging that I don't even know the shade name. It was just a mauvey toned one and I kept on using it because I thought it was lip balm. Yes, I was that naive about makeup back then. I even remember using a Bench lip and cheek tint as blush, but it looked patchy and ridiculous. But that was then, and now I have widened my vocabulary and included lipstick, sheer, pearl, matte, amplified, vivid, and all sorts of other terms. Somehow, I have come point a point in my life where I collect lipsticks. Pink lipsticks.

The latest on to add in my collection is the MAYBELLINE VIVIDS LIPSTICK IN VIVID ROSE
I always wanted this one, but passed on it a couple of times just because I was arguing with myself if I need to have that particular shade. Of course the latter won, and now that alter ego is enjoying and rejoicing for all eternity.

I got this lipstick from Bon Marche, and when it arrived it already has a chip on the tip. I wonder why. Anyway, it swatched pretty well and I loved the shade! It is my current favorite opaque and bold shade.

the chipped tip of the lipstick


The best thing about this vivids line is that it is very pigmented and glossy, and I can layer the color to get the full opacity I want without it looking so sticky and feathered out. It doesn't bleed on my lips, plus it has no strong smell at all. No lead too, because I tested it out by rubbing my gold ring on a swatch.


Fades away after eating, it lasts around 2-3 hours. Sad part is that it transfers a lot! It smears on my clothes and drinking glass.

Price point:

Affordable at P280

Where to buy:

Bon Marche
Department Stores

What shade from the Maybelline Vivids collection do you have? Post it on Instagram and tag me @abawtfayz



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