Thursday, May 29, 2014


There are a hundred ways to flatter your face shape, but your brows frame your face. Matte bronzers can create Angelina Jolie cheeks and jaw line, but what really does make the whole makeup package look great? A well groomed, shaped, and filled eyebrow. 
Which brow product to choose? A wax pencil form perhaps? Or an eyebrow kit that includes 2-3 shades of brow powder and wax. Whichever you choose, the only thing that matters is that you fill in your brows carefully and precisely. 

 At this point of my life where I am having brow issues, I have the incling to test out different eyebrow kits. I have a total of 5 now and I'm still searching for more. The latest one I have purchased is the IN2IT WATERPROOF EYEBROW KIT.

It is reasonably priced, yes there are tons of brow kits worth a hundred peso more or less. Based on the packaging, this product contains parabens. A bit of a disappointment as I rarely use products that contain that harmful ingredient. As the packaging claims, this product also has Vitamin E to moisturize the skin or hairs. Considering that I will only be using this on my brows, I tested it out to see whether I will have any allergic reactions. So far none appeared.

What I like about it:

  • 3 available shades
  • I can use all shades, no color too light 
  • pigmented
  • no scent
  • compact and sturdy packaging
  • sweat proof
  • does not fade out

What I don't like about it:

  • few products, just half of the packaging
  • brush is flimsy
  • mirror too small

Price: P299.75

Where to buy:
Local beauty section at any department store
(bought mine from Trinoma)
I haven't seen this product being sold online

swatch ( light blonde, medium brown, dark brown)

A closer look at the shades

Do you use this product too? =)


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  1. This is my HG eyebrow product! It has been in my draft for so long coz I really wanna test it. Now, I use this every single day ever since I bought it!

    Check out my blog post about it!




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