Saturday, May 24, 2014



How do I start this? First, I do not own a lot of makeup. Second, there's nothing wrong with having several products from each type as long as you don't forget about it for 5 years.

There are several ways to store your makeup. As long as you have space for all of your makeup, you'll be fine. As for arranging them? 

For me, I like to keep it in one storage organizer in one corner of the room. I stress myself too much when I see my makeup all over the place. Sort of an OCD or neat freak syndrome I guess. My makeup is sorted by type. Blushes and bronzers and highlighters go together, eye primers and face primers in one tray inside the drawer, and eyeliners and eyebrow products in the right corner of a drawer. For the lipsticks, I like them in stacked dividers, showing either the label or the color of the lipstick. The backups or those still unopened and inside their boxes are on the bottom drawer. 

I bought a couple of cheap lock&lock plastic trays small enough to fit inside the drawers. Unfortunately, although I love to have the Alex 9 drawer by Ikea, it is not available here in the Philippines. And local Orocan or other plastic brands don't have the type of drawers Ikea Alex have, which is small in height but wide enough to accomodate makeups. Plastic drawers here tend to be too tall and I dislike to have that extra space because I do not stack my makeup. 

For lipsticks, I organize them in dividers according to brand. So I'm not so sure if I have the same shade from another brand, haha. I have to check one of these days. 

Concealers are a bit tricky, because I have a variety of them. They come in pots, automatic retractable containers, squeeze tubes, and sticks or chubby crayons. So I arranged them by type of packaging, not by brand, it is much easier to grab something that rummaging in a tray full of concealers.  

I know it is never easy to organize. But it takes continuous practice, try to stick to your routine. When you grab one makeup item, put it back where you got it after using it. Therefore you do not create too much of a clutter on your table or desk. 

Makeup brushes? I organize them by type: face and eye. For the face, I sort it by use- for the face, for the cheeks, for small portions of the face. For the eyes, I just put them in one place altogether for easy access. I also set the "clean as you go" rule for the brushes, although cleaning them is another issue I dont like to tackle. It's frustrating. 

How do you store your makeup? I'd like to know. Post a pic on Instagram and tag me @about.face or post it on Twitter or Facebook and tag @aboutacebypau. 



  1. These tips are very useful! Especially because I don’t know what the word “organize” really means. LOL!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  2. Thanks for the tips, I love being organized! It's very important to me! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire


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