Tuesday, April 8, 2014

REVIEW: Saizen Eyebrow Pencil, are they worth a try?

I went to Saizen a few days ago. Of course when I saw a makeup aisle, my feet dragged me there. I wish I could try all their makeup, but as you all know I do have sensitive skin and I can't afford my face to have another breakout moment. Sorry guys!

I bought the only makeup product that I can try without getting any irritations, eyebrow pencils. Because these have no ingredients listed at the back of the packaging, I hesitated at first. But who does get pimples on their eyebrows? None! So I grabbed two just to see if they are worth the money.

(top) Etude House; (bottom) Saizen


The first one is identical to the Etude House Drawing eyebrow pencils. Literally, they do have the same packaging, but the other one doesn't have any brand logo on it. 

(L) Etude House & (R) Saizen

Same triangular shaped eyebrow pencil

The brushes are different: Etude House brush end is softer then the Saizen one.

second eyebrow pencil

compared sizes with Etude House Drawing brow pencil

Spoolie from Etude House brow pencil is softer than the one from Saizen


  • Cheap P88
  • Pigmented
  • Various shades available
  • Made in Korea


  • Color is a bit uneven
  • Dark Brown is actually BLACK
  • Spoolie is coarse and irritated my skin

Verdict: I suggest you purchase the P100 or less from Fashion 21, Ever Bilena, or FS Cosmetics. Those are made in China but still has a better quality than these from Saizen. Or Etude House Drawing eyebrow pencils which costs P128. I can't say that I totally dislike this product, but I hated the spoolie. The eyebrow pencil itself is okay, but why bring a pencil and not be able to use the spoolie end? 

Have you tried this product? Tell me what you think about it!



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  1. I actually love Saizen! I got there for my eyebrow fix. :) They have a ton. Cheap and works really really well.



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