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Did you ever feel anxious and shy after having conversations with other people then realized your lipstick faded or looks uneven? Humiliating as it is, there are certain lipsticks that tend to fade after a few hours and also after eating. Luckily, there are lip products that are intended to last all day. These are the tars, stains, and lacquers. These are different from regular lipsticks and the main reason for that is that they "stay-all-day". 

They usually come in liquid form, and has a matte or satin finish, and full bold colors. I prefer using these types of lip product, primarily because I hate reapplying makeup, I hate fuzzing about lipsticks, and lastly I hate to look like I applied my makeup wrong. 


I got these lip lacquers from Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione last week when they had it on sale. Less P200 for the five shades. They are priced P380 regularly, so hurry and get the set! I believe they also have a 24 hour 20% off sale today! These are great dupes for the Lime Crime Velvetines!


  • opaque and bold colors
  • frosted glass tubes
  • no scent
  • dries faster than the OCC lip tars
  • does not need retouch
  • hard to remove

  • dries very very dry and flat 
  • extenuates my cracked lips
  • does have fall outs when rubbed
  • I like the OCC lip tars pigmentation more

It is hard to compare products from each other, but I have OCC lip tar in Pretty Boy, and it is close to MUA luxe in Criminal, their only difference is that Criminal is a much lighter shade of hot pink compared to Pretty Boy. Nonetheless, the two shades have the same finish. Matte. 

The shades I got are: 

hand swatch

I apologize for the lip swatches, haha, I have a very odd looking lip. Like two mountains! hah!
I will get the Lime Crime Velvetines soon! Hopefully I can also review those in the coming days.

Bought from: Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione

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  1. The pigmentation looks amazing! My favorite shade is definitely Funk :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight


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