Saturday, March 29, 2014

REVIEW: Physician's Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation

Let me set this straight, I do love liquid foundation but they are a bit of a mess, but for something quick a powder foundation does a great job. They're fantastic and works well with combination or oily skin. Find the best one suited for your skin, and you'll thank the gods who created these powder foundations.


For more than a year, I used the MAC Studio Fix in NC30 as my holy grail powder foundation with a medium to full coverage. I try not to put it deliberately after putting cream/liquid concealer because it gets a little patchy and chalky, I wait for the concealer to dry first. For those days when I'm too lazy to put liquid and whipped creme foundation, I only use powder foundation. But when my skin is acting up and I have pimples, I use concealer or a pea-size amount of foundation on it to cover it up. 

For people with cystic acne or pimple scars, I do not advise for you to use a powder foundation, because these can only cover so much. If you want something quick to slap on your face and leave, use BB creams. 

It has TALC and MICA like any drugstore product.

Physicians Formula is a makeup brand that became one of my favorite brands. They do not have irritating ingredients that can trigger my allergies or asthma. Plus the packaging is super cute! It is great for people like me with sensitive skin.

 Physician's Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder Foundation - I bought it from Pretty Missy, an online shop, because Physician's Formula is not available at any local store or mall. It was, I believe, P480.

It's the type of product no one could miss, with its orange and pink packaging, it's too adorable not to grab. 


It has a pink ribbon that you can pull to open the compact. And the mere fact that this has SPF 50, oh a great product indeed! It also has licorice extract and tomato which helps brightens up the skin.

the HOT PINK packaging got me!

The SPONGE is also P-I-N-K-!!!!
 I chose the shade Translucent Medium because it is closer to my neutral skin color in NC27/NC30.


  • Full coverage using the pink sponge
  • No need to layer and layer to get a full coverage
  • Put moisturizer first, for a non-cakey look
  • Coverage is impressive all throughout the day
  • Face stays matte for almost the entire work day
  • Smells nice
  • Great for touching up

  • Looked cakey on certain parts of my face with dry patches
  • I can see pores on my nose
  • Need to put pore minimizer or face primer
  • Not good for dry skin
  • Not locally available

Are you a powder foundation fan or a liquid/cream type junkie? What's your favorite foundation? Post a picture on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, and tag me!

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