Saturday, March 8, 2014

Other Stuffs: The Relaks Pag-ibig Lang Yan Parang Kagat Lang Ng Langgam Planner 2014


 I would normally reach for a cute pink planner from a local bookstore every year, but for the past two years I was fond of the Belle de Jour planners. Who wouldn't go gaga over those coupons, and girly designs anyway?? But I find it bulky and heavy, which is pretty normal for any planner I guess. I hated bringing that everywhere I go, so I usually reached for my phone to document and save notes. Then I remembered Tita Witty! Haha, it was a really funny story, I was looking for a planner for 2014 and then I saw a pic from Tita Witty's Instagram with a "what's your favorite color?" question and all the options for colors were hilarious~!

Of course I needed to buy "the relaks pag-ibig lang yan , parang kagat lang ng langgam" planner! Every page will make you smile or your stomach hurt so bad with laughter. Let me show you some of the pages.....

Front page


Ang fill in the blanks with your poot and ka-bitteran love letter =)
 I haven't fill that part up yet, waiting for the right moment when I'm bursting and overflowing with the right "poot" and "bitter" emotions. I bet some of you will love to bash someone on this page. Keep calm!

My favorite: "Remember your EX day" hahaha

Plenty of space to write
 I use this primarily for everyday schedules, grocery list, and blog post schedules. It is very handy and small enough for me to bring anywhere with or without carrying a bag. The only down side is it doesn't have a lock/magnet, and free coupons. 


Well who would need a lot of these?!

Price: P490 at Fully Booked
P450 Witty Will Save The World online

To order: 
Text your name, order, quantity, preferred mode of payment to 0906 465 2191

Also available at Bratpak, Bibliarch, Sketchbooks, Quirks Novelties and Curiosities, Scribe Writing Essentials, Backstage, and Handog.


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