Thursday, February 6, 2014


I have just started my love for lipsticks. I've always adored pressed powders, but putting a color on the lips gives a little boost of good mood to me. This review is all about the OCC Lip tar, the shade is Pretty boy. Oh how it prettifies me!!

Got the lip tar from @thebeautyjunkieph on Instagram, miss rizza tan is very much approachable   and accommodating. 

The OCC lip tar comes in a tube form, unlike other lip sticks or creams that comes in cylindrical tubes or with doe-foot applicators. This one came with a brush. 

The tube is small, fits nicely on my palm. A very nice size to carry around inside mu purse. 


How to apply instructions :

Shade: pretty boy

I wore the lip tar around 1:12pm before eating my late lunch. It pretty much did not  fade after eating 3 times. There is no need to touch up or retouch my lips whatsoever. But it is very hard to remove with just water, after blotting away the lip tar with wet wipes, it stained my lips pretty well. I do suggest you use a makeup remover with it. 


The OCC lip tar did stain the glass of water after minutes of application. But when it all dried up to a matte texture, it didn't even transfer to my skin. 


This is a full color lip product. 100% opaque. Compared to the Rimmel Kate lipsticks on the swatches below, the OCC lip tar did stand out because of the rich color. You only need a pea size amount of product to cover the whole lip, and I even had enough left on the brush to do a swatch at the back of my hand. 


The OCC lip tar in pretty boy dried up to a matte finish, it did emphasize my chappy lips but not drastically. I always have very dry lips, and matte lip products are my worst enemies, but this product did not worsen the dryness or cracks on my lips. This is the best matte lip product I've tried  so far.

Back of the packaging, you can see the ingredients and life span of the product.



Well it doesn't smell like anything. That's a plus, because I have a very sensitive nose and I get allergies and runny nose from anything with harsh or strong smell, so far this OCC lip tr did nothing to me like that. 


It suits all skin types in my opinion. It is not too bright or neon compared to Anime, or Mac candy yum yum. But to compare with your skin tone, I do have an NC30 /medium beige/ neutral skin tone. I don't have yellowish or golden skin, I'm more on "maputla". Lol

This lip tar shade will look gorgeous on people with fair skin, but it also suits medium skin tones pretty well. For darker skin tones, or Morena, this is also a great shade for something to spice up your look. 

1pm indoor light
10mins after application

3pm - 2hrs after application
Indoor light same light used 

5:49pm outdoor sunlight
Looks more neon 

8:20pm indoor fluorescent light 
My lips looks a little neon/ lighter but still no trace of fading

Overall, I really really really love this lip tar, especially the shade. And let me stress the "really" word three times, because that's how much I do love this. There's no need for retouching at all, even if after eating 3 meals. 

Rate: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


* This is a sponsored review. The product was sent to me for review purposes. These are all my own opinions based on several days of using the product. 



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  1. I waaant! Kaso it's so expensive. Haha. Maybe next payday~


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