Friday, January 24, 2014

FAVORITES: 10 makeup online shop for 2013

Online shopping became a huge success, I never knew shopping and searching through thousands of items and different websites can be fun but hey guess what..... I've been fond of shopping online for a year now. It saves time to shop online, you won't wall from one building to another to search for just one single dress. There are several things to understand before buying on the internet, first, you have to choose a legitimate and trustworthy website or Facebook or instagram account. Research and verify if the online shop has authentic feed backs or receipts, if  not Google the name of the shop and see if they have any bad reputations or scam. The best way to fight scammers is research and also add to that make sure the seller is easy to deal with and very approachable. 

So far I haven't been scammed yet, hopefully never. It's never easy to trust anyone especially with your hard-earned money. It's much harder if you are buying from an online shop for the first time. But there are first times for everything. For almost a year now, these are the makeup online shops that I came across with, some I did have great transactions with, and some I just knew they are 100% legitimate and they deliver the goods right at your doorstep. 

Instagram: @bonmarchepage
Contact number:   09179051123

Instagram: @prettymissy1415
Contact number: 09178783950 / 09479944914

Instagram: @georginasasha
Contact info:!contact/c21r3 or

Instagram: @sweetandsparkleshop
Contact number: 09052452684

Instagram: @makeupholics
Contact number: 09277714421

Instagram: @beautyholic_manila
Contact number: 09178448447 / 09172288326

Instagram: @theprimppad
Contact number:

Instagram: @thepinkshoppe
Contact number:  09178447465

Instagram: @stuffinstyle
Contact number: 0917-8998229


Instagram: @thevanityzone
Contact number: 09327263568

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  1. Hi, Pau! Nice post! Sweet and Sparkle is my favorite make-up online shop! Christine and Cham Pioquinto are very easy to transact with! :)

  2. Thank you! I was checking if bonmarche is an authentic online makeup shop. So happy when I found your blogpost. Xo's


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