Friday, January 24, 2014

RANT: Physician's Formula Organic Wear blush

This blog post will be my very first rant, and the worst product of my 2014 is......

Physician's Formula Organic Wear in Rosy Organics

Packaging looks old.... I wonder if it's expired.

All of you who regularly read my blog know how much I adore Physician's formula. It's not easy to buy this particular brand because it is not locally available. I rely on online stores who sell this brand, and because I really love the PF brand I always look for the ones I do not own yet. So when one of my reliable online shop from Facebook updated their stocks, I immediately searched her photo album and bought I think 5 Physician's Formula along with some Rimmel lipsticks. 

This is my first time buying the Organic Wear, I always go for the Youthful Wear, Mineral Wear, Or the Happy Booster collections because I already have some of those makeups. So I was pretty much overly excited when the items arrived on my doorstep. Of course I need to take a picture of every single makeup I bought (for blogging purposes), and I forgot to swatch the blush and powder I bought. 

This is the blush out of the box, it looks a little darker than other mauvey pink blushes. Little did I know that the product was hard. Any blush or powder is soft or silky when swatched, but this blush is literally hard! I can't even dig my finger and put a mark on it!! At first I thought it was very funny, but I realized after swatching it with my finger, it didn't leave any blush or color on my finger. How odd.

Well, the packaging looks cute. The product itself smells old though. I wonder why. Maybe it's expired or something. Hope not.

This is how it looks like after literally swiping my finger hard on the blush. It doesn't budge at all, no residue or chalky powder anywhere. 

I swatched it 2x, no luck. 

As you can see on the picture it doesn't leave a very pigmented swatch. It kinda looks dirty on my hand too. It's not mauve, or brown, or pink..... It's between a brick wall color with a hint of lavender. On the pan it looks mauvey, but when I swatched it on the back of my hand, it looked like I have a bruise. Crap. 

Swatched hard 20x an this is what I got. Sounds kinda ridiculous but that's what I've got on my finger, a bruise colored blush. For Php450 I think I would want my money back, but this is Philippines and I got it from an online store. Boo! 

Maybe the product itself is expired, or manufactured a very very long time ago for it to be this dry and hard. And when the online shop bought it from the US, and shipped the products here via sea cargo, it took another month or two before arriving here in the Philippines. So when I bought it, it's hard as a rock. 

I don't blame the online shop that sold me this blush, but I think when buying from online shops there is no assurance that what you will get is 100% useful and intact. Plus, the sad part is that there is no return policy whatsoever. 

So what will I do now with this blush?! I will definitely won't put a century-old-looking blush on my cheeks! Maybe I can build a tiny house with it! Lmao 

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  1. Aww, sayang naman ang pera sis,. It looks good from the packaging and the shade is pretty. pero sa swatch super disappointed...

  2. Kahit siguro ilang swatches mo ito ulitin wala kang makukuha :(
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  3. Sorry to hear about your experience.

    Check out for guaranteed authentic US cosmetics brands. including Physicians Formula! :)

    hope that helps!


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