Friday, January 17, 2014

HAUL: local nail polishes


Want cool nail arts and glitter fancy nails without putting a gigantic hole on your wallet? Well these local nail polishes are your life savers!
Before I knew about Orly, Essie, OPI, or other expensive nail polishes, these local ones have been my go-to picks. And my favorites are the glitter or grainy ones.

They are no different than the expensive ones, and just because they are cheaper doesn't mean they're fake. Yes they are made in China, but what nail polish brand doesn't come from China anyway?? Maybe Chanel, but that's out of my range. I wouldn't buy a nail polish worth more than P500. That's waaayyyy too expensive!! So for a budget friendly nail polish, there are a lot of local brands available ...

Miss Beauty (available at your local thrift store, tiangge, or Divisoria)
Bobbie (available at any drugstore and grocery store)
Chic (available at any drugstore and grocery store)
Jacorste ( available at Fashion 21)
San San (available at HBC)
Caronia (available at any drugstore and grocery store)
OMG (available at Trinoma Landmark)
BK (available at Divisoria)
Twinkle (available at any drugstore and grocery store)
Caress  (available at any drugstore and grocery store)
Wish (available at any drugstore and grocery store)
Mwah (available at any drugstore and grocery store)
Careline (available at any drugstore and grocery store)
Girl Stuff (available at SM North Edsa)

I haven't had the chance to try BK, and Girl Stuff nail polishes but I heard they're superb, especially BK Holo nail polishes. I hope to find those soon.  So back to the nail polishes I bought, these are the ones I always put on my nails as accent nail or glittered french tips.

My personal fave is the Jacorste glitter 642, bought it for P39.

shade name or numbers

Hello Kitty bottle nail polish have no brand name. Those two are P24.75 each.  The San San HD nail polish is a-okay, Php40 per bottle! Jacorste is P39 each at Fashion21 watsons

If you know the brand name of the Hello Kitty bottled polishes, comment down on this blog post, okay? tnx!
P39 each, or 3 for 100 at the tiangge store near our house. =)



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