Saturday, January 25, 2014

Makeup Ban Aftershock and my MAC MSF was stolen!

 Is it better if I have a blogging schedule or not? I don't exactly have a super-tight schedule, so I was wondering if a scheduled blogging is better than just posting at random times. Tell me your opinions. 

So for three month I didn't buy any makeup, of course the temptation to buy is strong, and so after three months I've had enough hauls. And this was the first one, I think. I only bought a few items, nothing expensive or extravagant. But before that I would like to tell you guys that I lost a few makeup items last Christmas. Our maid stole them along with other clothes, bags, and even slippers. Luckily she didn't stole any jewelry or cash, but as a makeup addict and losing a MAC, Revlon, Physician's Formula and some palettes....oh my..... I almost got a heart attack!

She even left the box for me as a souvenir. Haha!

Moving on, the first makeup haul I think I did was when my ELF makeup arrived from the US. They had a 50% off whole website and I took the chance to buy every single ELF palette and custom eyeshadows. I posted some pictures on my Instagram, if ever you are curious how many makeup I hoarded.

I also hoarded from Bon Marche and bought three lipsticks because a girl can never have too many lipsticks. Then bought Maybelline Magnum mascara 50% off , Essence duo eyeliner and lip liner from Watsons. However, I also needed a large empty magnetic palette for my ELF and depotted Essence eyeshadows, so I went to Purebeauty but the Z Palette was P990, too expensive for something made out of cardboard and plastic. So I searched online for another brand and came across Wild Peach palettes, for P600 the palette is large enough to contain around 30 eyeshadows. It is sleek and professional looking in a satin black finish.

Maybelline Magnum waterproof mascara, Rimmel Kate 103, Revlon Matte pink pout and mauve it over

Lipstick shades 103, 002, 003

Essence lip liner

Essence eyeliner

Free BonBon lipgloss

Wild Peach empty palette P600

My ELF and Essence eyeshadows.

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