Thursday, January 23, 2014

FAVORITES: Currently obsessing about.....

Whenever I see makeup with beautiful packaging I always end up buying almost the entire collection. Because I am (and I admit) a sucker for cute adorable packaging, I rarely use up any of my makeup. Some of them end up in trash even before hitting pan. Decided to limit my makeup collection, I started to search for the brands I am not allergic to or those that does not cause break puts all over my face. 

Upon my search, I realized what I needed was a makeup line that is hypoallergenic. Of course I also needed something animal friendly, because who wants their makeup tested on the faces and skin of animals huh?? 

For almost a year or two I was using Physician's Formula. And still am using it to this day and so far so good I don't have any skin asthma at allergies whatsoever. The brand is on the higher side of the drugstore makeup, but the price is okay especially when they do 40-50% off or BOGO sale. Unfortunately Physician's Formula is not sold locally here in the Philippines, so for makeup lovers out there, there are several online shops that sell these brands. I will post the legit makeup and nail polish online shops soon!

Another obsession of mine is lipsticks. Those cute cylindrical tubes are my bestfriends when I need an extra ompff or boost to my bare face. 

"If the shoe fits, buy it in every color." 
Well for me if the lipstick is vibrate and very pigmented, I will definitely buy every mauve, pink, and coral shade there is on that line. My all-time favorite is Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipsticks (red tube) #103, the contenders are Maybelline Glisten in Pink 315, a sheer barbie pink shade, and Covergirl Temptress which is a pink coral one. 

I never indulge myself and buy expensive lipsticks like MAC or Urban Decay or Tarte, I believe that drugstore makeup have or will have dupes for those luxurious lines, so why shell out $20 if you can get that shade for $5? 

So ladies and gentlemen, these are my most favorite and my current obsessions. I hope you find peace, please dont get bothered as to why I have too many makeup. Lol


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