Friday, October 25, 2013

Unsolicited sponsorships vs Demanded sponsorships?

It's been a while since I posted something in this beauty blog of mine. I was busy with my personal life that I haven't had enough time to think of something to write about. Though sometimes a good piece of article comes to my mind, I don't have the incling to sit down and write about it. For some reasons I kinda neglected my love for writing, and ended up getting too lazy to write. The truth is, I was hospitalized three weeks ago, I rushed to the hospital because of rapid heart palpitations or SVT I was, again, experiencing. After that scenario, a few days of recovery at home, and then a bad news came. My lovely grandmother passed away, and all of my family including me went on a 9-day wake / funeral. October is my least favorite month I must say. And yes, of course, the sadness makes me lazy enough that I have tons of back logged articles to post. 

As I was browsing through other blogger's posts, I came across some articles about sponsorships. I, for one, is a newbie in this blogging industry. And to be frank about it, I don't even earn anything from my AboutFacebyPau blog. But I keep on writing. I keep on reading, exploring, and giving my readers a piece of those informations I read about. For me, it is not about money. Although it takes too much time to shoot great quality pictures, videos, and to edit them takes crazy hours. But my love for blogging raises my enthusiasm for makeup / cosmetic products. I am that kind of girl who rushes out of the door early in the morning with a bare face and unbrushed hair no body would dare touch it.  Then one fine day I came across a YouTube video of a girl with cystic acne, and then the rest is history. 

I started blogging a year ago. And up until now I never knew about blogs getting paid for advertisements, not even sponsorship. Did I ever tried to send messages to brands and business owners asking for sponsorships? No. Everything you see in my blog, may it be makeup, skin care, or makeup tools, I bought all of it with my own money. 

But when asked whether I can do sponsorships, I recently said Yes. Why? Because the product they will send me will only amount to less than P500. And I didn't asked for cash payment either. And also I never promised that sponsor that I will fake my review just to gain buyers and readers. If I don't like the product I will say it aloud. Yes, I value my readers. I know I only have a few, but I still feel I owe it to them that I have more than 100 pageviews. The lack of blog posts, I must admit,is because I cannot write every single day. But honestly, to everyone who says every bloggers are faking reviews for sponsored products, not every blogger demands something from other people. It is still appropriate to wait for generous sponsors to come to you. 

Lastly, blogging is merely for fun. It is my outlet and gift to my readers, truthfully written and thought about blog posts are not easy to create, and they are not created in just 10 seconds. So spending 5 minutes of your time in reading my blog makes my heart melt, you had a glimpse of my little and humble piece of love for makeup. If ever you come across one sponsored blog post, don't hate me, because those will only come once in a while. 

love....don't hate.




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