Monday, September 2, 2013

REVIEW: Maybelline the Falsies Mascara

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

I've been MIA again for a couple of weeks. Slacking on blogging and took a short break, I didn't realize I forgot to schedule my other blog posts. Oops! Not everybody knows I'm sick, so for a long story short, I have a heart problem and thyroid disorder and asthma that complicates them all. And blah blah blah life goes on. =) 

For my first review for the month of September, I have here the most raved Maybelline The Falsies in non-waterproof formula. I accidentally picked this non water proof during our trip at Duty Free. And of course I wanted the waterproof one, and realized I got the wrong item after arriving at home. Meh! It broke my heart to little pieces when I found out it was not waterproof! 

(excuse the brows)
no mascara

one coat (uncurled)

two coats (uncurled)
  • the wand is perfect for upper and lower lashes (although I don't have any)
  • no pungent smell
  • gel type consistency
  • not watery
  • super black
  • super pigmented
  • volumizes my thin lashes
  • lengthens my lashes
  • holds my curls
  • smudges easily
  • made me look like a g*d d*mn panda! 

             mall- Php599
             online- Php300

Where to buy online?
  1. chedelyn's cosmetics
  2. bon marche
the wand (not Harry Potter's)

9mL - expires after 6months
All in all I love the formulation and wand of this mascara, next time I will purchase the waterproof one.
Although it says it will expire only after six months, it is still advisable to replace your mascaras every three months.




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