Tuesday, September 3, 2013

HAUL: Naturactor concealer/foundation

 by Meiko Cosmetics Inc.

Got up late and a package arrived that I wasn't expecting. I didn't order anything for the past fee weeks because I was on a strict makeup ban. So what was delivered to my doorstep and who is it from?

My ever-so-loving special man surprised me by ordering these Naturactors that I was whining about for the past couple of days. Maybe he got tired of my blabbing about these products that  he ended his suffering by gifting me these. Nice isn't it? I'm all butterflies on stomach and giggly about it. But hey, for the second time I wasn't able to get any hints that he was going to surprise me. I usually caught him planning and so fort, so this is good news, he's sneakier.

Naturactors from Georgina Sasha

#140 medium/fair with yellow undertone

#171 green (for correcting redness)

#140 and #171
back part

I used these twice and noticed that it is not suitable for my oily skin. It creases under my eye too, and I get oily after an hour. Best to use on blemishes or a great face primer is a must before putting the Naturactor. I normally use revlon colorstay and that one does wonders on my skin, doesn't slide off my face even after 10 long hours.

Maybe I need to find out the right combination and technique for these, but definitely this is a good buy. 20grams for only P650, while a 6grams NYX concealer in a jar costs P350+. 

Thanks to Georgina Sasha and to you who surprised me!

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  1. So nice of him lovely presents.

    New followers here

    Carrieanne x

  2. Thank you very much for following my blog @Lisa n Carrieanne . =)

  3. Aww your boyfie is so sweet to surprise you with these! Thank you for sharing. Love reading blog posts like this. My suggestion is for you to use it together with the powder that I am also selling. It's the Naturactor Silky Lucent Powder - just dab it on your face on top of your makeup and it'll help prevent the creases on your eyes from showing. It helps control oiliness as well. This can go on top of your makeup routine. :)


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