Thursday, July 4, 2013

HAUL: Props tools cosmetic palettes haul

Hi girls! Guess what? Another package arrived this morning, and I was so ecstatic! (by the way, the makeup ban will end on July10! Whoopee!). So on to the show....

well wrapped in thick bubble wraps --- AWESOME!
I ordered these awesome palettes from Props Tools and Cosmetics last Monday, did not pay for these you guys! They were gifts to me by someone I know (thank you to the highest level!!). I am a makeup-ban-abiding citizen, I did not purchase ANY makeup whatsoever in 23 days. I'm so proud of myself. Teehee**   =)
I opened the package right away!

Ingredients printed on all boxes. Sadly they all have Talc and Parabens. Boo!

lots of bubble wraps. I love popping them! Bwahahaha !!

Props tools and cosmetics palettes:

  1. Dawn palette - 120 shades, 2 stacks, satin-matte-shimmer finishes, pigmented, some are chalky, some are very creamy, better than the original 120 palette. BUY IT HERE!
  2. Warm palette- 120 shades, 2 stacks, satin-matte-shimmer finishes, very pigmented, all neutrals, brown-white-flesh-grey-blue grey-black-taupe, the best among the bunch of 120 palettes. BUY IT HERE!
  3. Conceal and correct palette- 15 concealer-corrector, lilac-green-white-yellow-and brown concealers, great for makeup gigs! BUY IT HERE!

Correct and Conceal palette (php487.50) on sale!

Warm palette (php700) on sale!

As big as a 25cents coin, it's still worth the money guys!

Dawn palette (php600) on sale!

Wrapped up with plastic. So nice!

My favorite stack, this is great for smokey eye looks!!! oooh I'm so excited!

As small as a 25 cents coin.

Look at all those colors! Oh how I miss painting!!! Now my canvass are my eyes! Yey!

Props Tools and Cosmetics palettes are on sale until July 20 2013. Visit their website and buy these awesome palettes here

Happy shopping guys!



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