Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HAUL: My calling cards by Papelito

arrived weeks early via JRS =)
 My new calling cards from Papelito are here!!! Last Wednesday, I designed my very own business card, yes I design mostly anything because I'm a Fine Arts undergraduate. I wanted something water-resistant and tear-proof, so I contacted my very dear friend Meeya aka Papelito to make me 100pcs of calling cards.

What's inside the pouch? (inggit ako sa transparent stickers!!! *ahahaha!)


Unboxed the items.
 I got freebies! Since it's their second anniversary and makiki-epal ako sa celebration, perfect timing that I ordered some calling cards, free shipping! *yey!* And I got a free eco-friendly papelito bag too, plus a weekly calendar, some notepads, and a mini papelito booklet. How cool is that?!

ze fabulous freebies!!!! =)

and ze amazing calling cards! Super shiny!
 I opted for a double sided calling card, yes it's much pricey too added that I also wanted the cold lamination. But it was definitely worth it. Knowing Papelito for almost 2 years, I really trust them -Meeya and Rai, although I can print my own, I wanted the water-resistant type and they have that so I ordered no form-filling and pricelist blah blah blah. It took them a day to print and deliver, JRS picked it up last Friday and on Saturday the package arrived. Handy and convenient to provide design already, right?

double sided beauty
I designed losts and losts of business cards, brochures, logos, ad banners, receipts, notepads, etc back in the day. Then stopped because I got sick. Back then, I became friends with Meeya, she taught me how to handle the expenses via MS Excel! I'm mentally incapacitated when it comes to math.  I remember that back then we both wanted the ream cutter, but she bought it first and continued with the printing business. I love that girl so much, she's down-to-earth, hilarious, and simple.

For pricelist, please contact Papelito via Facebook, Twitter  @PAPELito_2011, Instagram @papelito2011, Tumbler, email and cellphone 09062000426 | 09335339383 | 0932-88-PAPEL (72735).

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