Friday, July 12, 2013

FEATURE: Warm or Cool palette?

(left) cool palette; (right) warm palette
What palettes should I buy?

Invest in something you can use all the time, day look, smokey night out look, colorful spring look, etc. Also, consider the type of eyeshadow, you will probably use matte more often that metallic ones so invest in great matte palettes. 120 eyeshadow palettes are great because you get more products with your money, but it isn't travel friendly at all. If you are a makeup artist, yes, these palettes are not so good, you might want to invest with a more high-end ones. But for beginners or people like me who only does makeup on herself and nobody else, these palettes are good investments.

Matte, shimmer, satin, metallic...which one to use?

I prefer to use matte shades on a day time look, especially the brown shade I use on my crease, and the browbone highlight too. Satin or semi-shimmery ones I grab often when I'm out on special occasions, and sometimes for my eyelid area when I need a little boost on my makeup. Metallics are great if you are going out clubbing, or attending a party. It is the perfect eyeshadow to wear as it catches the lights and makes your face luminous and beautiful.

Warm or Cool palettes?

I personally have more warm palettes than cool ones. I love browns, taupe, champagne, light pink, flesh, dark brown, greys, and blacks as an everyday eye look. And these colors complement my neutral medium skin tone as well. Apart from these, sometimes I do use the cool palettes with the violets, lilac, blue, maroon, orange, pink, yellow, green, red, etc. During the summer, these colors are perfect!

Smokey or Natural eyeshadow?

I always go for the natural with the champagne and taupe and matte brown as my signature everyday makeup. It doesn't make me look over dressed or under dressed, it's just the right touch with anything I wear anyday. Smokey eyes, this makeup look is somehow making my eye raccoon -ish, so I tend to stay away from it. Do a smokey look during night outs, or subtle soft smokey look during the day, that works well too.

Where to get palettes?
Dollface cosmetics
Miss Bella
Props tools and Cosmetics
Lulu Makeup
ELF Cosmetics
Wet n Wild 
Suesh Custom palettes
Coastal Scents
BH Cosmetics

SWATCHES FROM THE DAWN 'COOL' PALETTE by Props Tools and Cosmetics
SWATCHES FROM THE WARM PALETTE b y Props Tools and Cosmetics


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