Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HAUL: Maybelline Baby Lips and nailpolishes

I'm not into nail polish, but lately I've been buying a few items and almost all of them are pinks. I love pink. It's like a wanna-be-barbie sort of frustration that led me to love pink. Most of the time I wear pink lipstick, pink eyeshadow, and pink nailpolish. And all of my things are pink .... If I can get them in pink.  *Hah*

Maybelline Baby Lips in pink blast ; Chic nail polish Missy Daisy ; Bobbie nail polish Fuchsia pink

Maybelline Baby lips pink glow in Pink Blast P89
Chic nail polish in Missy Daisy P31.75
Bobbie Color-changing kaleidoscope polish in Fuchsia pink P79.75

Maybelline baby lips packaging (back) INGREDIENTS

Maybelline baby lips packaging (front)

Pink Blast

my two baby lips balms
 I immediately took off my chipped ORLY nailpolish to test if the color-changing polish works. The ORLY polish I had was from California nails & spa at SM MOA, it costs P500 and got chipped and ruined after 2days! Sheeeessshhhhh talk about bad quality!

So the Bobbie nailpolish in the bottle is true to its color, but when applied on nail it turns white. I had to reapply 3 coats to get an opaque color. It's white/pale pink when warm and turns fuchsia pink when cold. It's super cool and cute too! 

Left: warm (normal temp.) Right: cold (soaked in cold water for 5seconds)
So that's for my mini haul, nothing fancy, nothing about makeup. Stay tuned for my upcoming haul posts, they're gonna be full-packed! 


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