Sunday, July 7, 2013

REVIEW: Forever 21 LA Face palette

Forever 21 is on sale went I went to SM Megamall yesterday. 50% off! What a deal! Anyway I didn't went there for fashion and accessory haul, I was aiming to get their 21 Neutral Eyeshadow palette. Sadly it was out of stock. I thought it would be available since I went there last month and the sales lady said they restock every 2 weeks. Bummer. Anyway, so I left empty handed and gloomy. I searched everywhere to find that single palette I always wanted, oh not everywhere, I haven't gone to SM Aura yet. 

And so the search for the 21 Neutral Eyeshadow palette continues.......

Meanwhile, I searched far and wide for that particular palette, I aimed for a less-loved palette and got one from Forever 21 SM North The Block. It is the LA Face palette and I like it a lot. The other palette was smokey, almost all the lip glosses were dark, so I chose this one although the green eyeshadow I do not adore so much, it's too chalky and has too many fallouts! 

card board palette

cardboard palette with a mirror, convenient.

3 eyeshadows, 1 blush,  4 lipglosses

The eyeshadows: runyon sable, tarzana brown, zuma teal.

The blush: Melrose Coral

The lip gloss: Venice bare, palisades peach, highland hot, farfax neon.


  •  chalky
  • fallouts
  • not entirely pigmented when put in the eyelids
  • still has fallouts even with sticky eye primer base
  •  richly pigmented
  • slightly less chalky
  • less fallouts
  • less creamier than the Runyon Sable
  • no fallouts with eye primer
  •  creamy
  • not chalky 
  • no fallout
  • richly pigmented
  • my favorite among the bunch of eyeshadows
  • duo chrome
  •  chalky
  • fallouts
  • not suitable for medium/dark (morena) skintones
  • too shimmery
  • has lots of glitters
  • maybe used as highlight or eyeshadow instead
back part of the palette - ingredients

PRICE: Php330.00
so what do you think guys? yay or nay?




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