Sunday, July 7, 2013

HAUL: Essence Cosmetics


I purchased these makeups from SM Megamall Watsons Department Store. These are the famous Essence Cosmetics many beauty bloggers are raving about. I literally almost went up straight to makeup heaven and died for like a minute or two, just staring and goggling at those makeups. But of course I have to settle with only one brand, although I roamed around looking for palettes, makeup removers, and concealers. I went straight to the Essence stall, and the sales lady was like "Ma'am bibili po ba kayo?" coz I was grabbing eyeshadows without swatching them first. I didn't like the Quatro eyeshadow palettes, but the singles... Oh my, they were right in front of me and I fell in love right away. The packaging wasn't astounding, it's like Elf's bronzers, but heck those pigmented eyeshadows from Essence caught my eye. So I grabbed what I liked, and surprisingly they only costs Php119 each, so the sales lady says again "Ma'am kukunin niyo po ba?" so I sarcastically said "Yes, gusto ko to at ito at ito at ito, nasan ang cashier?!" ahahaha I hate nagging sales ladies, can't they wait for us to tell them that "hey you I'm gonna buy these!".

My favorite
 I do not know all of their shade names and numbers because there were watsons price stickers at the back of every eyeshadow pot. Darn it! So when I peeled it off, the label also came off. *sigh*

Medium taupe

Light taupe

Nice crease color, but too shimmery to use as such. Meh!

The eyeshadow above was marked #06. See that price tag?! Sheesh! I can't even see what shade it was!

These are WAY BETTER than the HBC San San eyeshadows that costs Php50each. I'm not going to buy such makeups one: because it is such a waste of hard-earned money, two: it's chalky, three: not as pigmented as these Essence ones.

One swipe and as you can see these babies are VERY PIGMENTED.

Therefore I conclude that I will purchase ALL Essence single eyeshadows when I return to SM Megamall, and that I failed my makeup ban because I caved in on these babies, it's worth it I tell you!

No more makeup ban until after the Supersale Bazaar on July 12 at World Trade Center. 


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  1. This was really helpful! :) I don't know if I missed it, but what's the name of the shade after Light Taupe?

  2. +Sandi i dont know either. The shade number or name came off when I peeled the price at the back. :(


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