Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hair Color: Red Head

Hey ya all! I am posting this hair coloring ritual I always do since I turned 18. I wanted to share to you guys how I color my hair on my own. I go to hair salons only for hair cuts, I do all hair hot oils, and coloring all by myself. Thanks to my good genes, I do not have any split ends and dry dead hair. My hair is naturally medium brown, I don't know why, but that's the case. Black never really suited me, I tried coloring my hair black, and oh my gosh I looked ridiculous! So far I only used auburn browns, mahogany, and copper for my hair. Until recently, I decided to go RED. 

These are the materials I used:

Used an old lotion container and hair color brush

L'oreal Excellence Fashion in Intense Spicy Red

Gloves (important!)

HBC Hair Bleach Powder (php90) and Oxidizing Lotion 12% (php30)

Sorry for the pimple marks! My damp hair pre-coloring

Bleach time!
 I mixed one hair bleach powder with two oxidizing potion 12% on a plastic bowl. Bleached my hair for 45minutes.

Washed hair with luke warm water, my hair turned bright orange!

Dry hair after bleaching

Again, excuse my pimple marks! Colored my hair Bright Red from L'oreal. Got it from Landmark Trinoma for php500+

Hair color pre-washing

Hair color NOW!


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  1. Ohhh vivid red! That's beautiful!


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