Sunday, July 21, 2013

FAVORITES: Cheap Makeup Products Worth Trying (under P200) TOOLS -part3-

 For the 3rd installment of the Cheap Makeup Products Worth Trying all under P200, I'll feature makeup tools and skincare. A lot of you are searching for affordable tools which also works great minus the hefty price tag. These are the tools I use constantly, I find them useful, great, and cheap. We don't need to spend P600+ for a 30-piece makeup remover, right?

Skinlite Makeup Cleansing Tissues 30 wipes P89.75
 I found this one during my makeup remover search operation at Landmark Trinoma. I used Ever Bilena makeup removers before, then I switched to Etude House Lip and Eye makeup remover, but then I don't like the fact that I use so much cotton pads. So as I was looking at the beauty section near the Artist Studio brushes of Landmark, I found some baby wipes. I picked one for myself, and then found this piece of heaven in between baby's butt-smelling wet wipes. The price? Only P89.75! I bought one pack just to test it out, and since then I already bought 5 packs all-in-all. I love it, it's useful, it removes even my waterproof mascara, and I can even put my liquid makeup remover in it. 

Saizen Daiso makeup remover P88
 I've always loved Saizen, it my go-to place for my organizers and storage bins, for affordable gadget accessories, and for makeup tools as well. Makeup from Saizen are not on my list, although there was a time that I wanted to buy one but I hadn't. Are they hypoallergenic? I don't know. That's why I don't buy them, I might get some allergic reactions and end up in the hospital. This makeup remover is the only item I continue to buy from the makeup section. It has aloe vera extracts, and smells good too. For P88, it's a good buy. It won't remove all your waterproof makeup, but it'll remove the first layer of it. It tends to be on the drier side, so a good soak on your liquid remover would be a good help. And also, DO NOT buy the smaller version of this makeup remover, it has the same aloe vera and pink box, but that one smelled AWFUL. Furthermore, I also saw one online seller on instagram that sells makeups which has "PRODUCED FOR DAISO JAPAN" printed on the packaging. And she sells it for P200+!! WTF?! Don't buy any makeup online if you see that it has that label in it. Go to Saizen and you can get it for P88, not P200+ for an eyeshadow quad. Sheeesshhhh! 

Etude House Lip & Eye makeup remover P198
 Currently, this is my favorite makeup remover. It's feels very mild on my skin, doesn't irritate and sting my eyes, doesn't have a strong odor, and doesn't have that very oily feeling. For P198 this makeup remover helps me not to get break out on my face after having makeup on for more than 12hours. 

Pink Clear Container with sifter P35
For those who own Ben Nye Luxury Powders or other makeup loose powders, this is a life saver. Who wants to get fallouts or scatter powder all over the place leaving a very big mess? Not me! The Ben Nye powder works great, but the packaging is very bad. So I pour the powder in this clear container so I can bring it without making a mess inside my bag. Plus, it's clear so I can see if the container is already empty.

Kabuki brush p139
 A brandless kabuki brush also from Landmark. I use this for retouch when I get oily. It great for loose powder or pressed powders, but not for cream makeups. I asked the saleslady what kind of hair the brushes are  made of, and she said "magandang hairs po yan, malambot". I guess I can't rely on salesladies to know what they're selling. 

Medicine pill box P30
 A very small pill box with 6 compartments. It it also detachable. I used it for depotting my already-melting lipsticks, broken lip gloss packaging, etc. The pill box is also sealed tight so I'm assured my lipstick palette won't end up smearing any of the other makeups and end up ruining it.

What makeup tools you own that are priced P200 and below?




  1. i want to try etude house's make up remover too :) pau where did you get the first item? :)

  2. SHAYNE I got it from Landmark Trinoma. =)

  3. I will try the makeup removers and pill box. Thanks for the useful post! :-)


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