Thursday, July 18, 2013

FAVORITES: Cheap Makeup Products Worth Trying (under P200.00) EYES

Hey I've been MIA for a couple of days. So devastating for me that I wasn't able to go to the Supersale Bazaar held last July12-14. Until now I'm still in the annoyed-and-grieving part of my life. Anyway, I'm here to post something quite helpful for you guys out there who always look for the affordable yet good quality makeup and tools.

A brandless eyelash curler from Landmark -P40+
 I know a lot of you guys have the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers in your wishlists, and we all wish we can afford such luxuries. But no. We do have to settle for a less expensive one, and I found a lot of them in our local department stores. I also got one from ELF which is also great, and it came with the smokey eye kit which costs P400, so that was a great deal for me. I do recommend that you get something sturdy, with thick metals, and with extra rubbers. Or you can find those extra rubbers also in Landmark for only P39. Pick an eyelash curler that isn't too curved or bent.

Suesh single eyeshadow refill pans

 "E" stands for Eyeshadow, Suesh has tons of single eyeshadows that you can get for a fraction of the BYS, PAC, James Cooper, or Fanny Serrano single eyeshadows. It costs only P90! And all of these eyeshadows are highly pigmented, easy to blend, and comes in different textures- matte, shimmer, pearl, metallic, etc. I love that they also have concealers and correctors, or the "C's", and the lip single pans "L's". Concealers and Lipsticks costs P100 each and they can be stored in 3,6,8,10,15,or 20 palettes. I bought the 10 palette for P550.

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in dark P150
 Well this bugger originally and most of the time costs around P350, but fortunately I found one booth that sells makeup during the Celebrity Bazaar that sells these babies for P150. Hah! Talk about being lucky! I try to convince myself not to open this before I finish up the ELF eyebrow kit that I'm currently using, but my conscience lost. I opened it up just to swatch it, and yeah, this is much better than the ELF one. I wish I bought 2 or 3 of this now that I think about it. ugh* Anyway, the ELF one is good, but I like the dark brown shade in powder form not in gel consistency. And besides, Judy of ItsJudytime uses this too!

Essence lash & brow clear mascara P198
 I've been searching for a clear mascara for my brows, and I don't want the Nichido or Ever Bilena ones just because I rarely use local products  shoot me , so I looked for other brands at SM Megamall and saw this Essence brand has it so I grab it without thinking about it, so now I'm kinda pissed off to myself because this doesn't last long and makes my brows look thinner. meh! But the great thing about this is that it works well on my lashes, and gee, it is cheap too!!

ELF Baked Single Eyeshadows 3dollars
 I love ELF baked products, I don't remember being so obsessed with these, but recently I ordered 65dollars worth of ELF makeups during their 50% off deal. I am telling you guys, these baked ones are soooo good. Wet or Dry, these babies perform well, stays on my lids forever, and they have the nicest sheen and colors. I believe The Primp Pad sells some of these, and also I found some on Ebay, for only P145. These are quite bigger than the Suesh eyeshadows, and a lot bigger than the Pinkies Collection ones.

Essence single eyeshadows P119
 Before everyone went cray cray over this brand, I was one of the few people who searched everywhere for these eyeshadows. I went crazy watching all Youtube videos on Essence hauls, so I forced myself to find these and so my quest started. I found Essence during my trip to SM Megamall, and bought P1000+ of products. It's afforadable, very very pigmented, creamy, easy to blend, and I love the packaging. For P119 you can't go wrong.

ELF Single Eyeshadow P89
 I got these on sale last year and I never found the right time to use them. Boo! I know. But I'm writing this up to tell you that these are great finds. They're always on sale, as if no one wants to buy them, but these eyeshadow are like the Essence ones. They're also creamy, like heaven on a piece of plastic, and works wonders and lasts for hours. Check your local department stores, I found these at SM North Department store, SM North The Annex Watson's, Trinoma Landmark, and SM Megamall Department store.

ELF eyelid primer & Essence I love stage eye primer
ELF and Essence compete for my love. Occasionally I grab the ELF one just because it makes my eyelids look like grease balls after a few hours, but during the colder season in September I grab this. And Essence does give justice to my eyeshadows better than ELF. ELF primer costs around P129.75 and Essence primer costs P198. Choose which one you prefer, I'm just stating my opinions and reviews to help you just get a better perspective on which one is worth the money.

Eye pencils
 Eye pencils are my bestfriends. I thought I liked the liquid ones but I have tremors, and that leaves me with zigzag lines. Oopsie! So I searched and tried a couple other types - gel, cream, pencil- and found that they have different strengths. I use the gel liner as my lid eyeliner, for the waterline I use the auto retractable eye pencils, and the liquid ones I don't tend to grab anymore. I have a few eye pencils and these are the ones that costs less than p200.

  1. Etude House Proof 10 Auto Eye Pencil in black P198
  2. Essence Stay all day auto eyeliner in turquoise P119
  3. Dabble eye pencil in white P57
  4. LA Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil in black and white P109
  5. HBC SanSan liquid eyeliner in black P55
  6. HBC SanSan Eyebrow pencil in brown P57

ELF Duo Eye Shadow Cream P89
This is the only cream eyeshadow I own, sadly I don't tend to grab this bugger much often. I got these during the Landmark Sale, and I really wanted to use cream eyeshadows as base for the powder ones because I always see You tubers use Mac paint pot in painterly as their base. This is smooth, pigmented, and shimmery. I like that I can use this alone without no eyeshadow pigments on top of it. The only issue I have with this is that it creases a bit.

So there you have it. All of these products are under P200. I hope you find this helpful and entertaining. Did you like it? What products do you also have? Please comment down below.

If you have other makeup suggestions, please comment down below, Id love to check out different brands and products.





  1. You ordered from How much did you pay for shipping + tax? I want to order from them too but im scared of the fees. thanks~ Em <3

  2. EM~ yes I ordered from the Elf website, tax was around $5-6 for the total and paid nothing for the shipping fee, had it delivered for free. Thanks! ~ pau

  3. hi r u from Ph? how did u order online, coz im trying to order online at its int'l website but when i checkout it just directed me me to poor Ph site which they have limited variations and promos, tnx!


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