Sunday, June 9, 2013


It's very unlikely that I developed a hoarding disorder with makeup, I only started loving makeup last year -yeah I'm a late bloomer- but then after a few months of buying 1-5 items in one shopping day, my stash doubled and all of my makeup cannot fit my 3-layer drawer. Is there such a thing as makeup hoarding? Is it different with obsession with shoes or bags? Is it considered as an obsession? I wonder, why do I even buy so many makeups that I can use for like 5 years or so?

I watched itsjudytime, the very first makeup guru and makeup tutorial I've ever watched on Youtube, then I watched all her videos, then time goes by I haven't noticed that all along I have subscribed to more than a dozen Youtubers. It's like Christmas when I open a package full of makeup, a little piece of heaven inside a mall, and feels like a kid stuck in Candyland. I know most of you can relate to what I'm blubbering now, and that's a kind of secret friendship we get when we read blog posts about makeup and accessories, we get to read what's inside the other girl's head. And then that satisfaction that we are not alone in this makeup hoarding ordeal. 

Come to think of it, it's not illegal to buy makeup, we spend a little or splurge on one sometime. We also buy gadgets worth more than makeups, bags, shoes, accessories, but it's not called hoarding. We do not feel guilty buying makeup because it's inexpensive compared to electronics and book sets and high end shoes, guilt is expressed only when big damage to wallets have been done, but we don't feel it with makeup because it's one small cheap stuff at a time. 

My eyes goggled and almost popped out of my head after I computed all my makeup. I have Php20,000+ worth of makeup, less the skincare stuff. It's mind boggling how I ended up having too much, but hey, small trips to beauty sections and stores chips out of our wallet from time to time. So now I'm proud to say..... I'M ON A MAKEUP BAN .....a month of self restraining and convincing not to buy more. 

Day #1 started yesterday, also the last -hopefully- package of makeup I ordered was delivered today. I ordered it the day before my makeup ban so spare me this joy I feel today. Makeup!!! <3 font="">


  1. I can relate. I know makeup is not a good investment as compared to maybe clothes which can last for a long time. Makeup, unfortunately, expires, and I've learned that even my most expensive, favorite items, someday have to be chucked into the trash can. I'm on a makeup ban myself right now, since I realized that I have a lot of makeup, most of it unopened. Cheers to you for having the self-control to impose a makeup ban! - Em

    1. it's heart warming to know someone relates with my feelings. the bad part is i open everything,so they expire almost all of them at the same time. more trash. yes to makeup ban. thanks em!


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