Sunday, June 2, 2013

REVIEW: Review NYX Nude on Nude Palette

A palette that is beyond amazing and yet very affordable, the NYX Nude on Nude palette took the makeup industry by storm (ok, no so much as the Naked palettes by Urban Decay, but you all know what I mean). I've had this palette a couple of months, i know my review is late, and it never disappointed me. For me, this is the best palette NYX has ever came up with. I got this from Pretty Goddess at Pop Culture Trinoma around Php1350.00 but they rarely stock on this one. I was also on the hunt for NYX Butt Naked palette when I saw this, lucky me.

This particular palette has 6 more eyeshadows compared to the legendary Urban Decay's Naked palette, so you get more for a fraction of the price. There's a total of 20 shades in this palette, as shown above in the picture. All very pigmented, this is much better than the ELF Day to Night palette pigmentation. All in all, there's so much love for this palette, that even the Youtube gurus Itsjudytime, Gossmakeupartist, and BeautyBroadcast are talking about it. 

Top eyeshadow : 10 shades (without flash and eye primer)
Top eyeshadow: 10 shades (with flash and w/o eye primer)
 As you can see, the matte ones doesn't show up on my NC27 skin, but the shimmery ones do stand out from the rest, I had a hard time removing the black one (far right) from my arm. It's greatly pigmented and doesn't have any harsh smell. It glides on smoothly except for the white ones that are a tiny bit chalky. 

Bottom eyeshadow: 10 shades (w/o flash and w/o eye primer)

Bottom eyeshadow: 10 shades (w/ flash and w/o eye primer)
 The bottom shadows are amazing! Showed up pretty well on my skin, didn't have a hard time focusing my camera on it. Superb pigmentation, no chalky feeling, no fall outs. I love these bunch and my most favorite is the 7th shade from the left. It's like a champagne pink shimmery color, great to use all over the lid. 

Lip palette surprise! 10 shades, sheer, frosted, opaque. no matte.
Lastly, a good surprise from the bottom of the palette is a lipstick palette , 10 shades in all. Ranges from Nude pink to Bright red and orange. I super love this NYX palette. Do you?


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