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FEATURE: Foundations

Hey ya all! I would like to start the day with happy boosting aura...spread the joy! It's a holiday! Happy Independence day! =)

So for today, I will start a "hit and miss" series for makeup, tools, and skincare products. These products I already tested on myself and may not apply to everyone's skin types. These are all only based on my opinion, some may not like the products, some might agree with me. Now let's have some fun......


1. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation
   Normal/Dry - Medium Beige 

I accidentally picked up the wrong formula, I'm extremely oily and this is like grease on my face after 30mins of application. Although after I experimented and mixed this with the oily/combination formula, it stayed matte with a little dewy finish only after 3hours, withstands humid weathers, it is a little less thinner in formula, better blendability compared to the oily/combination formula which dries up so fast it's so hard to blend. 

 2. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation
     Combination/Oily - Golden Beige

With this one, I got the right formula, but the seller doesn't have any Medium Beige on hand. So I got stuck with this shade - Golden Beige. It's a teeny tiny bit lighter than my skintone (NC27), but it oxidizes pretty well on my face after 15-20mins, plus I put a pale yellowish powder to set it. Problem solved! My face remains super matte all through out the day, doesn't break me out, provides medium-full coverage, the ONLY down side is that it smells PLASTIC-y to me. (HOLY GRAIL)

3. Revlon Photoready
   Medium Beige

I must admit this is a really promising product to use. Not really my Holy Grail, but still a contender. It has shimmers in it, too cool isn't it? Great for photography shots, but difficult enough to get you some headaches as this product gives you a white cast. Stays semi-matte/almost dewy on my face for 3-5 hrs, you have to retouch often if you're oily though. Blotting papers will be your best friend if you use this on a very hot day. Won't slide of the face, but still, you don't like your face to resemble a fried fish do you? Great for dry/normal/combination skin types.

4. L'oreal True Match LUMI Healthy Luminous liquid foundation
  W3- nude beige

I tried this a couple of times, weathers: HUMID/HOT- it will slide of my face as quick as water, feels oily on face, gives a very dewy finish. COLD/DRY- excellent foundation to use, matte/semi dewy, feels light on skin, smells good, light-medium coverage, 6 hrs after application and it still looks good. Great to mix with the Revlon Colorstay Combination/Dry formula.

5. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 liquid foundation
     Medium beige

 As far as I could tell, this little baby is hyped by all Youtubers. So I had to have it. HAHA! It scored pretty low on me when I first used it, made my face oily in just an hour. I tried it again, hoping I was wrong, I used it when I went to the mall. Fortunately, it stayed on my face all throughout the day, light dewiness - needed to blot a few times-, good coverage, smell faded after application not unlike Revlon's, no need to put thick concealer after, just enough to touch up some blemishes on the face, it is also moisturizing so I forgot to put my moisturizer but still my chin which tends to get patchy and dry didn't look bad at all.

6. Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

A funny story when I bought this makeup, I was scanning the usual booths in a bazaar I went to, then I spotted this compact. I thought it was a pressed powder compact, so I got it. I didn't even looked at the shade! When I went home, I opened it and Whoopee the  compact is a foundation one, plus the shade I got is way too light for me. ahahaha. That's what I am, an amateur makeup junkee. so I decided to mix this with Maybelline Dream matte cream foundation, the ones in a pot, mixed them together and my problem is solved. I also tried to use this alone, matte finish, it's like putting butter on skin, so creamy, no stinky smell like that Colorstay. 

7. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme foundation
     Medium Beige

Just because my holy grail is the liquid version of this, and all Youtubers are raving about this, I looked and searched everywhere to get this. I will rant about the packaging though, it's heavy and bulky, but it's glass so no more complaining on cracking and drying makeup. It has the same formula with the combination/oily but a bit better to blend, still the same PLASTIC-y smell, blends smoothly on skin, medium-full coverage, withstands heat and humid weather, doesn't flake on skin, hard to remove with just facial wash and toner. 


1.  Maybelline Pure Makeup 
Pure Beige (Medium 2 )

Ugh! This is a bad foundation for an oily skinned person. It slides off the face, transfers  and leaves a stain, hard to remove, I get breakouts, smells kinda funny, and worse of all it fades as if I never put any makeup on! 

2. Nichido True Colors liquid foundation
true natural

My first attempt on a local brand foundation, and I never went back to purchase one.  Sure it blends like cream, but it smells like that San San makeup from HBC that I threw away. I also had breakouts, it didn't stay on my face long enough , made my face look more oily, and most of all it has no SPF!

3. Covergirl Clean Makeup 
Creamy beige

Fragrance free?! Why does it smell revolting like the other makeup?! Like the other two , this also has the same effects. so another BOO! on this one too.

4. Hard Candy Just Face It liquid foundation

Too orange, too dark. Runny, and  it stinks too.  light coverage,  and faded in just less than an hour. Plus the pimple breakouts !

5. BYS Complete Coverage liquid foundation
Natural Beige

This one is pretty much average to me. Nothing special about it. Yes it does have medium to full coverage, doesn't give me a hard time in removing it, no pimples, and no foul smells. But it says MATTE FINISH, but it isn't. It fades on my skin and gives me that oily face even after removing it. Maybe this is good for DRY skin types.

6. Maybelline FIT ME liquid foundation
120 Classic Ivory

Men this stuff is like fog! It evaporated like crazy! I only had it applied on my skin, then after 15 mins it was gone! Maybe  I applied it the wrong way, I used a stippling brush, and applied 2 coats. What's wrong with my face? Everything's sliding off! lolz

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