Friday, June 14, 2013

HAUL: Beauty Cosmetics brushes

Hello! Did you have a great week? I hope so. =) 

I had a great one, did some blog posts before the week ended, and I received these fabulous brushes that I was so longing to have. A makeup junkie can never have too much makeup brushes. I can attest to that. I'm a freelance painter myself, so I know how valuable a good brush is. With the right tools you can achieve great results. 

I only have the Landmark individual brushes, along with some ELF ones. They aren't stellar, they're just decent. I was on the verge of buying the Sigma brush set but I contemplated a bit and researched on which ones are the good dupes. Google was my best friend, and it gave me the link to Beauty Cosmetics' Facebook.  There was so many brushes in leather rolls and brushes on sturdy cylinders, but my eyes were fixed on the FACE PERFECTION and FACE PRECISION brushes. I needed the face brushes so much, plus the small version (face precision) to highlight, contour, or conceal the face. So I immediately contacted Miss Rosenn of Beauty Cosmetics and ordered the two sets. A day after, the package arrived, and I was again a kid in wonderland.

Package arrived 1pm via JRS Express

What's inside?

FACE PRECISION SET by Beauty Cosmetics

Product Specification:

Brand: Beauty Cosmetics
Product Name: Face Precision set
Price: Php 450.00 per set
Available at Beauty Cosmetics

What's inside the package:

small round kabuki
small flat top kabuki
small angled kabuki
small slanted flat top kabuki
small tapered kabuki

I only self-labeled because there weren't any brush code or name on it. 
See how dense they all are? =)
All brushes were packed inside a bubble wrap, and comes with plastic sleeves that individually protect each brush.  

small angled kabuki

small tapered kabuki

small slanted flat top kabuki

small flat top kabuki

small round top kabuki


Product Specification:

Brand: Beauty Cosmetics
Product Name: Face Perfection set
Price: Php 950.00 per set
Available at Beauty Cosmetics

Brand label on every brush. but there are no code/name on it.

What's inside the package:
round kabuki
flat top kabuki
angled kabuki
 slanted flat top kabuki
tapered kabuki

 Wrapped in plastic sleeves inside the beauty cosmetics' pouch. A definite plus! Great!

See how dense they are? A great dupe for the Sigma Sigmax Synthetic Brush Kit
Up close, this is the best face brushes, affordable too!

Round angled kabuki

Flat top kabuki

Angled Flat Top Kabuki

Round top kabuki

Tapered Kabuki


 Synthetic Fibers
Cruelty free animal hairs
Usable for wet and dry products
Dense brushes
Doesn't bleed  and shed 
Very soft bristles
Light weight handles
Great dupe for high-end Sigma brushes


no brush code/name on each brush

I highly recommend you guys to try this one out, it's affordable, a great dupe for brushes that are not so accessible to tight-budgeted people. Incredibly inexpensive and yet has the same quality as the high end ones.

Beauty Cosmetics
Instagram account "@beautycosmetcsbrushes



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    xx, V

  2. urgghhh.... that FACE brush I really want but I can't buy it yet! out of budget.. anyway I have the chealsy set naman pero I want that parin cause I want the flat top kabuki brush hihihi :)


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