Saturday, June 15, 2013

DIY: Brush drying

My chubby brushes are clean! =) 

 You'll need:

  • tack-it adhesives 
  • brushes
  • brush guards
  • towel or tissue
How to dry your beloved brushes:

  1. Clean the brushes by using mild liquid soap, or baby shampoos. Rinse them well, and towel dry. Just pat them lightly on the towel or a tissue for a few times.
  2. Insert brush guards on each one of the brushes, make sure no hair is sticking out, coz it will dry that way.
  3. Get some Tack-it, I bought one from National Bookstore for only Php 65.00, it's a sticky green adhesive that you can reuse several times, and it doesn't leave any nasty residue. 
  4. Lightly put the Tack-it on the brush handle, and stick it somewhere where the brush hairs won't touch any surface that it might get any germs. I stuck mine on the front side of my study table.
  5. Leave it to dry for a day or so, I remove the brush guards after 12 hours. I prefer to use them after 2 days, so I'm confident that they are totally dry.
  6. When it's dry, remove the Tack-it's and store them safe in a small plastic container or somewhere it won't accumulate dust and/or dirt. Reuse them again when you clean your brushes. 

Hope this helps you!! =)



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  1. this tack-it adhesive tape is really interesting. ive never heard bout them before. thanks for sharing this :)


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