Wednesday, May 15, 2013

HAUL: What came in the mail

Who went knocking on my door?

XEND!!!! Yipee!!!!!!

My knight-in-shining-armor-slash-darling-slash-it's-complicated ordered this baby for me for Mother's Day. It's 2days late but still.... it's the thought that counts. Who doesn't like receiving packages?

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder 3oz with FREE NYX Tokyo

Bought from Digital Traincase before Mother's Day, this little baby is hands down my favorite makeup of all time. I always try to find an online store with ben nye stocks but to my disappointment they're always out-of-stock or pre order. So I waited and waited and waited some more, then one day stumbled upon Digital Traincase's Facebook post saying there's new stocks that just came. I went ballistic~!!!! 

Ben Nye Banana luxury powder comes in 3 sizes - 1.5oz, 3oz, and 8oz. Unfortunately the 8oz is not available online. I wanted that one. I got the 3oz bottle which pretty much will last me for almost a year. The powder is finely milled and translucent with a bit stint of yellow. Now I know why the Kim K fans got gaga over this! Yay! It's php1050 plus shipping of Php100. Not bad. 

Happy day! Have fun!!
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