Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hi! Been too long gone, I was MIA for weeks. Summer isn't really my best friend, I had severe cough and colds, and my asthma and allergy also caused by that horrible cough. So now that I'm feeling a bit better, let me show you what I have been doing and experimenting a few days ago.

I depotted a few makeups I have for the first time. I'm a newbie in depotting and I made a huge mess with my makeup. Fortunately, I dont feel so bad -well, after a few hours- because I depotted the "cheap" ones. It'll shatter my fragile heart if I see my MAC, and Clinique depotted and cracked.

Here's what I've depotted out of their precious containers:
Elf bronzer in warm golden
Maybelline pressed powder 
Avon pressed foundation
Nichido single eyeshadow
Aziza Duo blush

They all cracked! The worst one that got shattered was my Elf bronzer! shoootz!! :(
I put alcohol in it and tried to fix but well it looks nasty already.
I should try more,although seeing a makeup crack was like having a gigantic zit at the tip of my nose! It stressing me out! I'll try more ,and do my best to perfect the art of depotting cosmetics.

Maybelline pressed powder (upper left), Avon powder (lower left), Nichido eyeshadow (small pot between Maybelline and Avon, Aziza blushes (2 upper right pot), Elf bronzer (lower right).

Every pot got a dent, every pot got cracked, and every makeup got a good dose of  Isopropyl Alcohol! lolz. 


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