Tuesday, April 16, 2013

REVIEW: Maybelline Long Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black

Hey! It's one hot summer day, stay inside ... heatstroke is common nowadays! During summer, I usually wear less makeup, blame the oily face! I only wear concealer for my ginormous puffy eye bags  lip balm for my dry lips,and eyeliner so I will look "polished" and ready to go. Sometimes I put on blush so I wont look too deadly pale. hahaha! I have too many illness and I'm too pale... :)

WATERPROOF!!! I went to Taguig last Friday and went swimming with some friends, of course I lightly rubbed my face to remove water from my eyes... And I totally forgot I have Eyeliner and Eyebrow makeup on!!! -o.O- 

Fortunately, the gel liner didn't smudge nor crumbled. It stayed there like tattoo!!! thank goodness! The eyebrow makeup was totally gone.  *sigh*

My verdict:

1. dries fast 5-10sec
2. carbon black (I prefer the not too black eyeliner,but if I want the jet black I put wet and wild liner on top of this Maybelline)
3. Smudge proof (my eyelids are super oily I can cook bacon on them,but this gel liner didn't smudge on me at all)
4. got this on sale! 50% off at SM MOA for only php225 (original price is php449)
5. packaged in a shatterproof glass jar. It wont dry up too fast like Elf's
6. the brush that comes with the liner is VERY useful

1. matte but not super intense  black
2. only 3g like mac fluidline. I kinda like a bigger pot, although who needs 5-9g of eyeliner that will dry up?
3. hard to remove. (ended up looking like Kungfu panda the first time I removed it with just facial wash! lol)

* A great buy! I spent my money well -on sale- and this will last me 4-6months, great for oily to combination skin.
I got this Maybelline Gel liner at SM MOA. Maybelline is also having a sale at Trinoma for 20% off. Grab one now!!!


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