Tuesday, April 16, 2013

HAUL: Suesh

Whew what a blistering day! Too hot I can't go out,I might have heatstroke again! whew!! Nothing to do, so let's blog! lol
Here's what I got from Suesh at Trinoma a few weeks ago.

1. 10-pan empty palette with free magnetic stickers (php550)

2. 5 eyeshadow refill - pc04, e051, e222, e098, e006, 
3. 2 concealer- c212, and a light beige that I forgot the serial. Oops!

Each eyeshadow refill pan costs php90.00 and the concealer php100.00. A great price for something so pigmented! These eyeshadows are quite creamy,I didn't experience powder falling off my face while applying them.
I still need 3 more refills,and I'm still waiting for them to restock their matte black and pearl/shimmer black. :)

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  1. Money is a one big factor for this kinds of make up. Can you give us some tips on how we can earn some. Specially for stay at home mom's like me?


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